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Welcome to Native – Golf Investment Advisors

A full-service golf consulting firm, operating around the world with the mission of creating value and boosting profitability in golf businesses.

With over 25 years of experience in the Golf Industry, Simão da Cunha, Native Founder, always sought to learn more about all the components of the golf business, which led him to where Native is today.

Golf Industry is Shifting

At Native, we understand our society has and is continually shifting, and this impacts what the market is demanding and expecting from product and service providers like the golf courses and golf clubs.

​In most golf investments, golf is becoming more of a real estate add-on and less of a business asset.

​However, golf players and golf businesses are still growing each year around the world, meaning that the opportunity is still there to take, and this is our priority at Native.

Investments we Advice

In every golf investment we advise, we believe the value creation and the quality of our advice are directly related with the quality of our data collection, market analysis, a clear vision, and purpose, and our ability to adapt our global experience and business knowledge with the local circumstances.

​We approach and analyze a golf business in many angles, meaning our business plans and our advise reach can help our clients make well-informed decisions.

Why we get hired

At Native, we know our clients hire us because they want to invest in a golf business, and they want to make it for profitability. Well-informed decisions come from an effective business plan, and ours is likely to include an in-depth market analysis as well as detailed financial, operations, capital, agronomic, membership, sales, and marketing plans.

​In over 25 years of experience in the golf industry, we have learned to merge the perfectionism of our work with the need to adapt our approach on a project basis.

​A golf course is not replicable — nor the structure, nor the results.

Simão da Cunha, Native Founder, with Arnold Palmer, the “golf legend”

We prioritize for profitability

That is why we often bring professionals outside the golf industry to our projects, from whom we can learn and provide extra value to the global outcome of our intervention.

We have partnered with startup growth professionals to learn more about how they would launch a new golf club in a specific market and how they would find and attract their target audience.

​We have also partnered with real estate agents to learn more about the local real estate reality; with brand experts to work with us in building leading brands.

​Moreover, we find these partnerships to be critical because the golf industry is shifting, mostly because of what the market is demanding, and we want to be the ones building the shift, not the followers.

Shall we talk?

If you would like to chat about your golf course or a golf investment you might be considering, we would love to speak with you.

Send us an email with your thoughts, and we can schedule a call from there.

Thank you once again for reading more about Native.

​We can’t wait to read more about your project.

​Kind regards,
Simão da Cunha, Native Founder

P.S. We are also Arnold Palmer Design Company for Iberia Peninsula and Northern Africa.